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Hello, I'm Adrian Scott.

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I help build and deploy technology and social media/networking products for companies and startups. I am also a board member of Legitmix and an advisor to MyDream. I have a history of helping companies architect, build and ship software and Internet services. I am particularly interested in metrics-driven feedback loops, especially around behavior design and habit creation.

I most recently founded and built Coderbuddy. Coderbuddy started out as a PAAS (platform as a service) enabling web-based development, testing and deployment of software applications to the cloud. We now work directly on helping startups and major technology companies build out technology and grow their metrics. We have a small team of developers and work with a limited number of companies at one time.

I have a business blog at Testing Gets Real.

I founded Ryze, a leading business networking service which pioneered the decade's social networking boom starting in 2001, heavily influencing Friendster, which in turn influenced MySpace and Facebook.

In the past, I built Internet technology for companies including Charles Schwab & Co., Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Symantec and several startups. I later co-founded a startup called Flycode, which was formerly known as AppleSoup. I recruited most of the team and helped raise the nearly $4 million in funding.

I was a founding investor in Napster, angel investor in Giganet and (both successfully sold to publicly-traded companies), and advisor to Starmine, which was sold to Thomson Reuters. Prior to that I was a Cadet Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, at age 17, and earned a Math Ph.D. in nonlinear optimization from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at age 20.

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P.S. My Ryze page is here

Interesting Things

Some things I'm particularly interested in these days:

Health Sciences: Longevity, Ending Aging, Preventative Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise, Evolutionary Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Protein Folding

Finance: Behavioral Finance, Structure of Markets, Manias/Booms/Busts, Private Equity Transactions, History, Trading Systems, Investment Strategies

Technology: FPGA's, Dynamic Silicon, Storage, Caching, Microprocessors, Optics, Quantum Theory, MEMS, Databases, Software Development Standards


Some of the companies I've invested in or advised that have had liquidity events:

  Starmine, Measuring Analyst Performance, acquired by Thomson Reuters

  Plaxo, acquired by ComCast

  Giganet, acquired by publicly-traded Emulex, acquired by a publicly-traded company


  Webby Awards, Nominating Judge, Finance Category and Member, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

  George W. Bush Information Technology Advisory Council, served on campaign advisory council

Back in the day...

I enjoyed discussing bandwidth and caching at a dinner with Carver Mead and George Gilder back in the day